Our Pyrs

DOB: 1996
White Dog

Soumoulou de La Brise

In loving memory of...

Pierzyn, aka Soumoulou de La Brise (1996-2007), beloved companion of Jacquie McLemore of Beachwood, OH.

Jacquie writes: "He had a tremendously expressive face, he grumbled audibly as he aged, and he always had that mix of aloofness and concern for all who were in his presence. He loved to go outside wait for the school bus with Lauryn --I think he considered it his job. PZ usually split the night sleeping beside her bed and next to my bed. Since there were no wolves or bears in Beachwood he delighted in keeping deer, crows and and squirrels in order. I always felt safe with Pierzyn by my side. He took himself quite seriously and we never took his love for granted. It was an honor to have him in our lives."

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Ownerd by Jacquie McLemore of Beachwood, OH

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