DOB: 10/7/02

# 19822

OFA Hips
OFA Elbows

OFA Patellas PS-PA9/15F/P-PI
CERF 11/04

DNA - Un. of MO


FDCH Annabelle de La Brise VP1 CGC NAC ptd.
(CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan HIC x CH. Kaya de La Brise)

2005 PSCA National Specialty
RWB - Regional Pre-National Show - June 24, 2005
RWB - Regional Pre-National Show - June 25, 2005
WB, BOW 5 pts. - National - June 26, 2005

Smooth-Face WB - Regional I 2004 (Nationals)
Smooth-Face BOS - Regional II 2004 (Nationals)
Smooth-Face WB & BOV - PSCA Nationals 2004

Annabelle started to turn Rough-Faced at 4 months. She has a lovely temperament, sweet, very attentive and very eager to learn. She lives in Bozeman, MT with Anne Dixon who is introducing her to agility and flyball.
CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan HIC Le Loup de l'Estaube Best Aube de la Tomière
Bourdettes de l'Estaubé
H'Aspe du Val Soannan Unau
Tolosane Bleue du Pic du Marboree
CH. Kaya de La Brise CH. La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit Aneou
CH. Amaya la Brune
Jambalaya de La Brise CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
CH. Amaya la Brune

Bred by Barbara Krasner & Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Anne Dixon

4 mths.
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