DOB: 11/17/01



La Brise Bob-Tail Rabbit UAGI ptd.
(CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit x Zibeline du Val d'Ares)

Bobbie is competing in agility trials and playing with his Anatolian friend, Shanti. He is doing his civic duty and is getting certified to chase the geese from the municipal golf courses and parks. He’s going to start herding lessons this spring. Bobbie loves to go for hikes in the mountains and play in the snow! He is a wonderful snuggler too. Bobbie has a great sense of humor and always brings a smile to his owner’s face!
CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit Aneou Orme
CH. Amaya la Brune Muscadin
Zibeline du Val d'Ares CH. Vignemale du Val d'Ares CH. Soulor du Val d'Ares
CH. Payolle du Val d'Ares
Orry du Val d'Ares CH. l'Adour du Val d'Ares
CH. Astugue

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Tamyla McMahan - CO

Bob - 4 mths.
5 weeks

4 weeks

2 weeks
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