DOB: 10/12/1987



Camomille de La Brise ptd.
(Bellocq x CH Urrugne de l'Estaube)

Cami came from Blythe's first litter, along with Cinnamon & Monty. She is the spirit & image of her mother. Co-owned with Kim Lasley of Mistry Kennels in San Diego, CA, Cami was WB at the 1990 PSCA National Specialty. She is the mother of Wills & Savannah.
Bellocq Vermeil Comme le Ble Sarrat de l’Estaubé
Paquerette de La Fontaine Mitou
Oule de l'Estaube Jarry de La Grezette
Tecla du Fys
CH. Urrugne de l'Estaube Sarrat de l'Estaube Orme
Railhere de l'Estaube Muscadin
Ibarolle de l'Estaube

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Kim Lasley (Mistry) & Patricia Princehouse
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