DOB: 1/28/01
ASCA OTCH UUD RoseHaven Chica de La Brise
(CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan PT x RoseHaven Lavender of La Brise)

First Pyr Shep to acquire an AKC UD and UDX!
(as well as UDX levels 1-6!)
CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val
Soannan HIC
Le Loup de l'Estaube
Best Aube de la Tomière
Bourdettes de l'Estaubé
H'Aspe du Val Soannan
Tolosane Bleue du Pic du
Rosehaven Lavender of La
CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
Dareous de l'Estaube
Camomille de La Brise
Jolie Floreal de La Brise
CH. La Brise Cotton-Tail
CH. Lutece de La Brise
Just a few of Chica & Marilyn's accomplishments:

Chica took her PSCA first leg by winning High in Trial at the 2002 National Specialty under
judge Diane Cohn. She earned her second leg & another HIT the next day! The following month
she took High in Trial in both shows at the Ohio Regional to finish the PSCA CD!

Next, Chica took UKC obedience by storm, winning back to back HITs over the "traditional" obedience breeds. Just shy
of age 2, Chica debuted in the Open ring & finished her CDX in 3 straight shows, winning back to back HITs at the ASCA
shows in AZ, Jan 2003! Way to go Chica & Marilyn! We can't wait to see what they do next!

ASCA- Australian Shepherd Club Of America
Novice B 187 1/2 4-7-02 4th Place Phoenix, AZ Jack Allen
Novice B 195 1/2 5- 11-02 3rd Place Warwick, NY Robt. Apap
Novice B 194 9-14-02 1st Place - HIT Warwick, NY E. Adomelis
Open A 194 1-11-03 1st Place- HIT Phoenix, AZ Eric Hoyer High Scoring Other Breed
Open A 197 1-12-03 1st Place- HIT Phoenix, AZ Dr. Bucanek High Scoring Other Breed
Open A 190 1/2 2-1-03 2nd Place Phoenix, AZ Sandy Rees
ASCA UD leg #1- 1-8-05 3rd place - score of 193- Judge Harry Burke . ASC of AZ club. Phoenix, AZ
ASCA UD leg #2- 1-9-05 score of 194 - Judge Dr. Fred Bucanek ( got her 200 in Open ) ASC of AZ - Phoenix AZ
ASCA UD leg #3- 2-5-05 4th Place - score of 188 1/2 -- Judge Eileen Jaffe ASC of AZ-
Phoenix, AZ
1st UDX Leg ( hooray !!!) 2-5- 05 UB -1st Place - 190 --- OB 3rd Place - 192 - HIGH COMBINED - Judge Evie Fox -
ASC of AZ.
1/06 ASCA - High In Trial, High Combined, and High Scoring Other Breed and OTCH !!
UKC- United Kennel Club
Novice B 197 9-28-02 1st Place- HIT Russell, MA Diane Sano
Novice B 196 9-29-02 1st Place -HIT Russell, MA Mary Jane Craig
Novice B 191 1/2 10-5-02 2nd Place Somers, CT Karen Brancheau
Open B 193 5-17-03 2nd Place Monticello, NY Diane Cohn
Open B 196 5-18-03 1st Place Monticello, NY Diane Cohn
Open B 193 6-21-03 2nd Place Agawam, MA Kathy Lynch
Utility 192 7-4 1st Place Hamden CT
Utility 192 7/10/04 1st Place - Hamden, CT - Kathryn Messer
Utility 184 1/2 10/16/04 1st Place - Monticello, NY Tamara Brown
Utility 189 10/17/04 1st Place - Monticello, NY Tamara Brown
AKC- American Kennel Club
Novice B 193 1/2 1-4-04 Indio, CA Larry Andrus
Novice B 194 1/2 1-5-04 Indio, CA Pauline Andrus
Novice B 193 2-14-04 Phoenix, AZ Michael Carlucci
Open A - 1st Place - 191 - 3/6/04 Queen Creek, AZ - Judge Kenneth Buxton
Open A - 1st Place -194 1/2 3/7/04 Queen Creek AZ - Judge Marleen Burford
Open A - 2nd Place -188 5/8/04 North Stonington, CT - Judge Elizabeth Chase
Utility A- 2nd Place - 181 1/2 6/5/04 Purchase, NY - Judge Nancy Withers
Utility A - 1st Place - 192 7/2/04 West Springfield, MA - Judge James Ham
Utility A- 2nd Place - 186 7/16/04 Stormville, NY - Judge Elizabeth Chase

"Chica" at the AKC Eukanuba Invitational with good friends Sandra Cronhelm and Linda Bohm (and MACH Whoopee)
Front & Finish Magazine
HIT at the PSCA 2002 National Specialty
Chica 4 mths.
Chica & her sister Evita check out the Teeter Totter (age 6 weeks)
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Front & Finish 2004 Award:
1st in the Miscellaneous group! " Only seven dogs qualified among this group to be placed in this ranking system. This is
quite a tribute to those handlers who have chosen to show these rare breeds. In this group Pyrenean Shepherd Rosehaven
Chica De La Brise, owned by Marilyn Abbett was triumphant ."

Little 14-1/2 inch tall Chica lives in CT with Marilyn Abbett, owner/trainer of Ziti, the top Italian Greyhound in
Obedience. Chica has followed in Ziti's pawprints. They winter in AZ where Marilyn and Chica concentrate on herding.

Chica & Marilyn have gotten numerous perfect scores of 200 and High in Trials!

Bred by Robin Colvell & Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Marilyn Abbett - CT