DOB: 8/12/04
Blue Merle
La Brise Terra-Blue Flash FD
(CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan HIC x CH. Aoubere du Val d'Ares)

After a long flight to California, Flash fit right in with his new Border Collie brother and sister, as well
as his cat cousin with whom he loves to wrestle.

In just 6 days, by the age of 9 weeks, he learned his name, sit, down, stand, drop it, and his brother's flashy "flip" finish
(jumping up from the "front" position and swinging his hips around to land in the sit/heal position). So eager to learn, he will
soon begin training for Flyball, agility and herding, as well as his career as an obedience class "demo dog," just like his new

Flash recently graduated from puppy obedience class and will soon begin intermediate obedience classes. Additionally, he's
now enrolled in puppy agility classes, and has begun basic training for Flyball, including static tennis ball retrieves, and
running over "mini" (4") jumps to a tug toy.

Flash lives with Cecilia Saleme, of Los Gatos, California, who took a red-eye flight to Cleveland to
pick him up. Her life hasn't been the same since.
CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val
Soannan HIC
Le Loup de l'Estaube
Best Aube de la Tomière
Bourdettes de l'Estaubé
H'Aspe du Val Soannan
Tolosane Bleue du Pic du Marboree
CH. Aoubere du Val d'Ares
Ussoue du Val d'Ares
Jeronimo de Mauna Kea
Orry du Val d'Ares
Thetis du Val d'Ares
CH. l'Adour du Val d'Ares
Quenotte du Val d'Ares
Bred by Patricia Princehouse & Joni Johnson
Owned by Cecilia Saleme - Los Gatos, CA
5 mths

"Flash" & friends - 12 weeks
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