DOB: 4/14/99


OFA Good


DNA - Un. of MO

CH. Zion's Amanda Fina
(CH. Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel x Chaparral's Esprit d'Argent)

Mandy won big at the PSCA national specialty show in 2000, taking BOS in Sweeps, WB for a 5-point major & BOS over specials!

Mandy was bred to Wills. to produce Breeze, Luc, Nikki and Sophie. Mandy is a litter sister to Babette, Tigger and Pooka.

Mandy now lives with Elsie and Hank Wesdyk of Weskeys Kennel in Regina, SK, Canada.
CH. Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel Jeronimo de Mauna Kea Nanouk du Val d'Ares
Hopaline de Loubajac
Myrtille de l'Oustaou de Padel Heston de la Fontegude
Fede de l'Oustaou de Padel
Chaparral's Esprit d'Argent CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise Dareous de l'Estaube
Camomille de La Brise
CH. Amaya la Brune Muscadin

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Elsie and Hank Wesdyk (Weskeys)

Mandy - 6 mths.
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