DOB: 1/25/85


OFA Good


CH. Amaya La Brune
(Muscadin x Tremiere)

1985 - 2001
But of thee it shall be said,
This dog watched beside a bed
Day and night unweary, -
Watched within a curtained room,
Where no sunbeam brake the gloom
Round the sick and dreary.

Roses, gathered for a vase,
In that chamber died apace,
Beam and breeze resigning -
This dog only, waited on,
Knowing that when light is gone,
Love remains for shining.

Other dogs in Thymy dew
Tracked the hares and followed through
Sunny moor or meadow -
This dog only, crept and crept
Next a languid cheek that slept,
Sharing in the shadow.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

2003 Blythe Award

This gorgeous black Smooth-Faced French Import bitch was a cornerstone of our breeding program. She retired to live with Jean Titilah and Emilio Falco and moved with them from Massachusetts to Arizona, we we lost her in the Fall of 2001 at age 16. She produced many outstanding Pyrenean Shepherds of both varieties, including 2 multiple National Specialty winners (Cotton and Tess).

Maya was born in the high Pyrenees & died in the mountains of Arizona, in the arms of her loved ones, Jean & Emilio.

Muscadin Urdos de l'Estaube Soulor de l'Estaube
Loule Soulor de l'Estaube
Tremière Romarin de l'Estaube Orme
Isly Uhlan de l'Orinclois

Bred by
Owned by Jean Titilah, Emilio Falco & Patricia Princehouse

Maya - Age 4

Maya - Age 13

Maya, gorgeous at age 15, enjoying life in AZ with Jean & Emilio

Maya in 1991? at the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions
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