DOB: 5/9/01


La Brise Pic de Marmure
(CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan HIC x Chaparral's Esprit d'Argent)

Little Pic has already started clicker training and is working toward a career in agility with his new mom, Gail Mahood in the Stanford, California. Gail's Pembroke Corgis excel at Masters level agility and enjoy games like gamblers & snooker. But Pic is a herding dog of a different stripe & took the household by storm, leaving the Corgis wondering what had hit them!

"4/04 This weekend our Bay Team put on a USDAA trial with a Steeplechase competition. For those not familiar with this event, it consists of two rounds, with the top 25% of the dogs in the first round getting into the second round. No dogwalk or teeter, but in one round the A-frame is done twice; in the other the weavepoles. It's time plus faults, with elimination for an offcourse. The courses are designed to be fast and exciting to watch. Unlike other classes, a dog competing at any level can enter, though most of the dogs are Masters-level dogs. So I entered Pic, just for fun. This year the Steeplechase was especially large and competitive, because Power Paws Camp was held nearby the weekend before, so many of the participants stuck around for our trial. There were 60 dogs in the 22" class, 2/3 of them Border Collies and one third handled by people who in the last couple of years had made it to the finals of the AKC or USDAA Nationals. The first round was an unusually technical course, and as I waited for Pic's turn--second to the last in the running order--I watched many great teams go off course. This calmed my nerves, as I figured our train wreck couldn't look much worse than some of the previous runs. The little guy knocked a bar (I crowded him too much on a front cross) and subsequently missed the weave entry, which cost us some time, but I managed to keep him on course, so I was very pleased at how responsive he was. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that he had gone fast enough that, despite the 5 faults and lost time, he had still made the cut (barely), placing 14th in the first round. The second round was also technical with some very difficult jump angles. I made them even harder for the little guy by getting my commands out too late. He did some astonishing things, virtually levitating sideways over jumps at the last minute. We had a close miss on the A-frame (I haven't trained him sufficiently at 6'3"), but he hit both weave entries at speed and did his darling little single-footing performance. As we came around to do the last set of jumps, the crowd was cheering loudly. I was so proud of the little guy, and after all our challenges (training-wise and his health and mine), I was so happy I almost burst into tears. When we finished we were congratulated warmly by many, and told how much they loved watching him run with his big toothy smile. I'm still smiling, too. Pic finished 7th out of 16 (the first non-BC) in the second round. His time was quite a bit slower than the best BCs, but then I haven't yet learned to steer a dog that's this fast so we had some very wide turns. No doubt we had some very good luck to make it through, but I think Pic's performance demonstrates that the American-bred pyr sheps have the athleticism to hold their own with the Big Dogs. Many thanks to Silvia for giving me helpful hints at her seminar on how to better run Pic, but most importantly for giving me the confidence to trust my gut feelings about how to approach training him, and to run him with the "European scruff start" until I have a decent start-line stay! I also got a CMJ measurement on him of 16-7/8". Interesting! - Gail"
CH. Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan HIC Le Loup de l'Estaube Best Aube de la Tomière
Bourdettes de l'Estaubé
H'Aspe du Val Soannan Unau
Tolosane Bleue du Pic du Marboree
Chaparral's Esprit d'Argent CH. La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit Aneou
CH. Amaya la Brune
CH. Phurz Rigolo at Chaparral CD HIC CH. La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit
CH. Phurz Phoenix de La Brise CD HIC

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Gail Mahood - CA

Pic 2 days

Pic 2 weeks
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