DOB: 7/7/09
Fawn Dog

Scissors Bite
Tail Docked
Ears Cropped
Test de
La Brise Royal Rabbit
(CH. La Brise Rainbeau Rabbit x CH. La Brise terra-Blue Vivette)

Rory won his first major at his very first show at age 6 months! He won 2
more majors that weekend and now at 7 months, even though he's all legs,
he just needs just 2 more points to complete his championship. He's a
rowdy fellow with tons of attitude.
CH. La Brise Rainbeau Rabbit
CH. Nivose Sur La Brise HIC CGC
CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit
CH. Lutece de La Brise
RoseHaven Ariana de La Brise
CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
CH. Zion's Amanda Fina
CH. Aoubere du Val d'Ares HIC
Ussoue du Val d'Ares
Le Loup de l'Estaube
H'Aspe du Val Soannan
Thetis du Val d'Ares
CH. La Brise Terra-Blue Vivette
CH Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan
Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Patricia Princehouse
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