DOB: 4/25/09
Brindle Male

15 1/4" (39 cm)
18 # (8 kg)
Scissors Bite
Long Tail
Ears Natural
La Brise Sam TD
(CH. La Brise Rainbeau Rabbit x CH. Trocadero de La Brise TCQ)
Sam and Jenny Cuccinello are doing Great Things out in CA!. At only 9
months of age, Jenny & Sam earned his TRACKING DOG title - 445
yards in 6 minutes! Jenny raves: "He has super work ethic!!"
CH. La Brise Rainbeau Rabbit
CH. Nivose Sur La Brise HIC CGC
CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit
CH. Lutece de La Brise
RoseHaven Ariana de La Brise
CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
CH. Zion's Amanda Fina
CH. Trocadero de La Brise TCQ
CH La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit
CH Amaya La Brune
CH Lutece de La Brise TCQ
CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
CH Amaya La Brune
Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by
Jenny Cuccinello
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