DOB: 5/23/92

OFA Good hips &
CERF 6/04

French Test de
A (19)
DNA - Un. of MO
My mother writes:

November 16, 2009

Dear Patricia,

I want to say “Thank You,” once again, for letting
me have Tess.

She has brought so much joy to my life – and Joe’s
and Jim’s lives, too!

From the first glimpse of that tiny ball of yellow
fluff, I loved her dearly.

And I know she grew to love me back.

Tessa had her own mind about some things:

-     One did obedience when it was necessary
– either

      -   because Mom asked

      -  because Dad asked

      -  because it made sense
                 – or –
      - because we were at a show where it was
the thing to do!

She was always polite about eating, and she “loved”

She was particularly polite when she heard someone
speak French.

I always wondered if the language was born in;
she had NO trouble understanding our
French judges when they asked her to

          Go around the ring again

       Come and say Bon Jour to them

          Trot down and back again

 Smile when they pointed at her for BIS!!!

She was much delighted and amused with her

Inspecting them regularly, encouraging them to try
something new.

When they grew up to that age comparable to our
“terrible twos”

She could be seen going over to them and

Telling them to behave!

I know it will be very hard not having her here
with us,

But I also know she’ll always be a good memory

She is already missed by all, Faith and Sullivan, too.

Thanks again!

Love, Mom
CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise
Dareous de l'Estaube
Best Aube de La Tomiere
Camomille de La Brise
CH. Urrugne de l'Estaube
CH. Amaya la Brune
Urdos de l'Estaube
Romarin de l'Estaube
Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Fran Princehouse
Winning Best in Show at the 1997 National Specialty
under French breeder-judge Guy Mansencal
Winning Best in Show at the 1998 National Specialty under
French judge Jean-Jacques Dupas
Mom with Tess at the 1999 National Specialty winning Best in
Veteran Sweeps and Best in Show a week before delivering her
2nd litter at age 7.
Tess in Canada
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Can / PSCA
BISS CH. Lutece de La Brise TCQ HOF
(CH. Mistry's Willy de La Brise x CH. Amaya la Brune)
March, 1992- November, 2009
The first Hall of Fame Dam (2005)

1997, 1998, 1999 - PSCA National Specialty Best in Show
Judges: Guy Mansencal, Fred Lanting, and Jean-Jacques Dupas
2006 - PSCA National Specialty - Fairfield, PA
Best in Veteran Sweeps
Judge: Sue Malinowski
2005 PSCA National Specialty
BOS & Best Veteran - National - June 26, 2005
2001- PSCA National Specialty - New Jersey
Award of Merit
Judge: Jacques Denys
2003 PSCA National Specialty - Ontario
BOS & Best Veteran - National
Judge Guy Mansencal
3-time National Specialty Best in Show, Tess was one of those oh-so-rare dogs
who simply has it all - beautiful movement, perfect head, coal-black pigment,
very expressive eyes, lovely let-down of hock, perfect proportions. She even
had outstanding copper-fawn color and a lovely coat.

The world's foremost expert on the breed, Guy Mansencal, once remarked,
"she is almost too beautiful."  
And she produced lovely puppies,
too, including the top-winning Pyr
Shep in Canada Jacques, and Balki,
Jolie, Faith, Breezy, Emma, Rookie,
Zoelle, and MACH2 Kira.

From the time she was born, there was
no question which pup I would be
But when she was 7 weeks old, I made the mistake
of leaving her with my parents over the weekend.
She of course never left! My mother wanted this
pup to be in her own name, and that is why Tess
was so spoiled & pampered.

She was especially good with my uncle Jim, who has
Downs Syndrome, and he would put his arm around
her and sing songs to her. Songs that had no words,
only joy and love.

She was my mother's constant companion and "heart
dog," really the dog she ever had that was fully
and truly her dog, and hers alone. Thus, Tess was
only always there, in fact she was always
underfoot! Always insisting on being involved in
every one of the day's activities.
Head study at age 16
Just a few of her many accomplishments: