DOB: 6/6/00



OFA Fair
OFA Patellas Normal
CERF 12/03

French Test de Comportement
A (20)

DNA - Un. of MO

CH. Zibeline du Val d'Ares TCQ HIC PT
(CH. Vignemale du Val d'Ares x Orry du Val d'Ares)

Rough-Face RWB - PSCA Nationals 2004

PSCA Shows Gettysburg, PA - July 24-25, 2004
WB (July 24)

Our young import Zeba waltzed in & made herself at home at 8 weeks. She continues to be quite a character! She was one of the most charming puppies we've ever seen! She loves games and toys, and is eager to involve people, even strangers, in her fun. Within minutes of arriving home, she had assessed the dominance hierarchy, perceived that Blythe was alpha, paid her respects, and set about installing herself as #2, much to the astonishment of the other dogs. She largely succeeded, too! It was fascinating to watch her learning from Blythe. Because she is so full of beans, she often gets referred to as "Beans," "the Beanie Baby," or "The Bean".

Zeba has an excellent head and expression with lovely dark eyes. She has excellent proportions, and let-down of hock, and a super side gait.

We are extremely grateful to Zeba's breeder, Dr. Jacques Denys of Val d'Ares Kennels in Belgium. He had originally planned to keep this pick pup, but allowed himself to be persuaded to let her seek her fortune in America instead.

Choosing an outcross is a very difficult matter. Genetic diversity is often a plus, but when outcrossing, one risks bringing in problems that had hitherto been avoided. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the virtues of the outcross have the same genetic basis as apparently identical features of one's own dogs. You can see by Zeba's pedigree that Dr. Denys started with very similar foundation stock to mine. He values many of the same features of type and movement that I esteem most highly. As a vet, he routinely xrays all his breeding stock. That Zeba comes from a parallel breeding program suggests that she will be highly complementary to the breeding stock here at La Brise. That is, she not only shares the excellent type and movement of my dogs, this similarity comes from the same polygenic basis and can be expected to breed true. You can see we have high hopes for her!

Zeba won Best in Sweeps & RWB from the 12-18 month class at the 200 PSCA Mid-Atlantic Regional

WB (3 pts) Jan 12, 2003 Painesville, OH Show #2 - Judge Bob Caldwell
WB (5 pts) 7/24/04
CH. Vignemale du Val d'Ares CH. Soulor du Val d'Ares Hermes du Grand Bestiolan
Noailles du Tuc de l'Adosse
CH. Payolle du Val d'Ares Visker de l'Estaubé
Navaille du Val d'Ares
Orry du Val d'Ares CH. l'Adour du Val d'Ares Aneou
CH. Astugue Tarquin le Superbe
Paquerette de la Fontaine Mitou

Bred by Dr. Jacques Denys
Owned by Patricia Princehouse

Zeba - 1 yr

9 mths.
5 mths.

3 mths.

8 weeks
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