DOB: 8/10/01

DNA - Un. of MO


Zion Macaye de La Brise HIC
AKA "Zee"
(CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit x Pas Silky du Val Soannan)

Macaye has his herding instinct title & has started learning how to work sheep in earnest. He is also working in agility & growing up so he can knock em dead in the show ring. FLASH! Macaye wins RWD at the Eastern Regional, March 15, 2003!

CH. La Brise Cotton- Tail Rabbit Aneou Orme
CH. Amaya la Brune Muscadin
Pas Silky du Val Soannan Le Loup de l'Estaube Best Aube de La Tomiere
Bourdettes de l'Estaube
Madirane du Val Soannan Charme Bleu de l'Estaube
Aneres du Val Soannan

Bred by Patricia Princehouse
Owned by Catherine Cline

6 mths.
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